Holiday Guide for the Minimalist Gifter

By now, you have probably heard about a little thing called “minimalist giving.” If by some chance you haven’t, allow me to fill you in. In an effort to avoid falling into a deep dark hole of financial debt during this holiday season, like so many (myself included) do around this time of year, many families are opting for a more financially responsible approach.


Minimalist giving is an act of giving a fewer amount of gifts, including more meaningful items that are less likely to get shoved in the back of the closet and donated a year later. The idea is this: something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read, something to make, something to eat, and one more thing.

When I first heard about minimalist giving, I was a little skeptical. I already had my Christmas list filled out for my husband and daughter and was positive that I would have WAY more items in my Amazon cart than what would fit into these categories. I told my husband about it and his response was “holy cow, how much stuff are you planning on getting us.” Which just opened my eyes to how much junk I buy every year that they don’t really need!

So I’m doing it. I am going to give minimalist(ish) giving a shot this year…with a twist. I’m adding stocking stuffers (sue me).

Since we moved out to the sticks, Christmas shopping is harder than ever! The nearest town with a store other than Porters or True Value is over 2 hours away. So, I invested in Amazon prime and ordered every single thing online. Y’all, we don’t even have an address we are so far out of town ,so I’m having to get it all shipped to my mother in laws an hour away!

If you are still on the fence about what to get for your kiddo or hubs, here’s my list to give you some ideas:


Want: One of the best perks of living so far from civilization is being so close to the stars, and seeing them in their brightest and purest form…this will help us see them a little clearer.


Need: He’s always borrowing from friends, now he can hang anything I want, WHEN I want!


Wear: Maybe he will stop wearing mine!!


Read: I bet he will let me borrow this when he’s finished…or before he starts…


Make: This will help him work on his saddle, boots, spur straps, etc.


Eat: I’m making him a snack box to keep in his truck. He drives around checking cattle all day and is ALWAYS hungry!


One More Thing: Because who doesn’t like shower beer?







(My daughters first Christmas. She was 3 months old, had a room full of presents, and couldn’t have cared less.)

~Kiddo (one year old-girl)~

Want: Since she can’t really articulate what she wants…I’ll assume she is pining for this tricycle that we can help her ride!


Need: We have started the sippy cup battle…and I’m losing! Maybe these will help…they are more for my benefit than hers.


Wear: How cute are these twisted x infant shoes in leopard???? She has the pink ones (in two sizes), but I think Santa might be swinging by with these bad boys!


Read: Obviously, I’m obsessed with Pioneer Woman! We love Charlie the Ranch Dog and need to add to her collection.

Make: This felt Christmas tree is a great idea for kids! My inlaws beat me to the punch on this one and put one together for my daughter to play with this year!


Eat: Can’t make cookies for Santa without cookie cutters! These western ones will suit our family just fine.


One More Thing: We don’t watch a lot of tv, but when we make the 10 hour drive back home to visit my side of the family, she likes to watch DVDs on her portable DVD player. I won’t mind listening to classic Disney movies (and quoting them word for word) for the whole trip!



14 thoughts on “Holiday Guide for the Minimalist Gifter”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog about giving in a minimal way! It really hits home for me as the new year approaches and I want to declutter. I think that teaching our children to acquire what we need instead of collecting a multitude of items can guide our children to contentment in things other than “stuff” . Thanks for the awesome article!



  2. This is such a beautiful post right in time before Christmas. I feel being minimalistic is a way of life and this is a perfect time to declutter and have only the things must. This way even we put lesser load on environment.


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